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Holistic trends for mental and emotional health in 2018: Adaptogens, CBD, nootropics

The trend toward managing physical health holistically is also extending to mental health, with more and more people seeking healthy ways to boost their mood, cognition and well-being. In response, we are seeing a rise in foods, drinks and supplements that cater to this trend. According to the natural insights experts at SPINS, three particular trends are expected to take the spotlight this year: Adaptogens, nootropics, and CBD.


Nearly everyone is stressed these days, and with stress being linked to a host of health problems in addition to being a downright unpleasant feeling, more people are looking for ways to alleviate it. Because most of us can’t hide from our jobs or family pressures, herbs that help reduce stress can be a real sanity saver. Known as adaptogens, this family of herbs can be consumed in a variety of ways.

Ginseng, for example, is one of the best-known adaptogens. It has been shown to improve calmness and working memory, and it has been finding its way into a lot of food products lately. Ashwaganda is also rising in popularity right now, and it is featuring in a number of foods, teas and supplements. Another effective adaptogen you can expect to see more of is the evergreen perennial Rhodiola, which helps not only with stress and anxiety but also anemia, headaches, fatigue impotence and infections.

Many of these new adaptogen products will come in the form of beverages because they are relatively easy to formulate. Moreover, American consumers tend to be more open to trying new ingredients in drinks than in food.


Lots of students are already turning to nootropics, which are substances that enhance mental function. Now, however, they are also starting to cross over into the world of sports nutrition. More products are expected to start featuring ingredients such as Rhodiola, l-theanine, and artichoke leaf extract, with refrigerated drinks among the most likely candidates. Another combination of ingredients the group expects to be popular this year is turmeric with black seed oil.


SPINS Natural Insights Director Brent Coons believes that cannabinoids (CBD) may end up being “the next probiotics” in terms of their health properties. CBD is being promoted for anti-anxiety and stress reduction in products like coffee these days, and it has also been turning up in supplement form in products geared toward boosting sleep or digestion and stress relief. There are still some legal questions about it, but manufacturers are finding more creative ways to meet the growing demand among consumers. CBD can be used in a board range of products, including supplements, foods, chewing gum, powders and drinks.

In fact, raw food cafes in big cities like London are already featuring offerings like organic hemp milk with CBD oil to help people relax, reduce their anxiety, and de-stress.

It’s not just the products themselves that will be shifting; growing concerns about the environment will prompt companies to transition to more sustainable practices. According to SPINS, biodegradable and reusable packaging will play a big role in this, particularly in light of the recent EU measure to eradicate single-use plastics by the year 2030.

It’s clear that people are increasingly prioritizing their emotional and mental health. We’re living at a time when stress is rampant, social unrest seems to be growing, and depression is on the rise. The tide is finally starting to turn after years of unhealthy living when it comes to food choices, and it’s only natural that people are starting to work on their minds as well.

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