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Relieve stress with these easy-to-do acupressure techniques

Everybody goes through stress at some point in their lives. With so many things beyond our control, there are some days when a stressful, frustrating situation simply cannot be avoided. Unexpected traffic jams, sudden avalanches of work, surprisingly terrible weather, little things like these may seem insignificant after they are dealt with, but they all contribute to your stress levels, especially if they happen one after the other. If you find yourself having just one of those days, there are many self-relaxation techniques you can try to protect yourself from the dangers of chronic stress. Perhaps one of the less obvious techniques for destressing is acupressure. However unfamiliar it is to you, this practice is worth a try.

According to an article on, acupressure techniques allow you to re-channel and reel-in your energy. Doing so creates a “calming and grounding effect”, which might be just the thing to get you through the rest of your stressful day.

The article recommended trying out the acupressure techniques below, as outlined by acupuncturist and herbologist Paige Bourassa. Doing so while maintaining a steady inhale and exhale will ensure that energy and oxygen reach the parts of your body where they are needed.

  • Kidney 27 – Follow your collarbones to the point where they end in the middle of your chest, above your breastbone. Take your index and middle fingers and tap lightly at these points as you inhale and exhale for 60 seconds. This will help ease nausea and breathing.
  • Yintang – Using your index and middle finger, slowly stroke the area in between your eyebrows, where your nose bridge and your browbone meet. Working the yintang area relieves overall stress, and according to the article also helps with insomnia, anxiety, and issues with the eyes and sinus.
  • Kidney 24 – This spot is located about five centimeters down from your collarbone, along the breastbone. Gently push it in for another 60 seconds.
  • Heart 7 – Find the small bone on the inner side of your wrist, following your pinky. Heart 7 can be found on the tendon right next to that bone. Pinch the point for 60 seconds on each wrist to relieve tension in your chest and let go of irritability. Remember to keep breathing at this point.
  • Kidney 1 – Trace through your toes and find the soft space between the ball and the arch of your foot. Press these points to encourage grounding of energy and ease palpitations. It can also provide relief for anxiety and insomnia, and even feelings of rage.
  • Liver 3 — This point is located on the tops of your feet, between your big toe and index toe. Working on this point can help with many negative feelings such as frustration, anger, and depression. It may even help alleviate any digestive issues.

After going through this process, finish with some deep breathing. Finally, according to the article, roll your shoulders back and visualize the energy moving around your body and out of it. It won’t take long before the effects of take hold and your energy and calm are restored.

The ancient art of acupressure

According to, acupressure stems from the same idea as acupuncture — except that the former does not involve needle pricks. The practice involves placing physical pressure on various pressure points on the body. Because acupressure follows the meridian system, the pressure points are sometimes distant from the part where you feel pain.

Different instruments are used to apply pressure. Most people use hands or elbows, though other devices like hand massagers or rollers may also be used. The practice, when done right, is meant to be both stimulating and relaxing as it creates better balance and encourages circulation of your body fluids and metabolic energies.

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