Say goodbye to coughing with these natural remedies

Coughing, on its own, is no cause for alarm. It is simply your body’s natural reaction to something that is irritating your air passages. However, a persistent cough can leave you feeling sore, tired, and in great discomfort. When this happens, heading to your local pharmacy for a cough suppressant shouldn’t necessarily be your first priority. If your cough won’t go away on its own, you can first use these natural remedies to alleviate the cough’s troublesome symptoms.

Hot steam bath

Few remedies can loosen up the air passages in your lungs as well as a hot steam bath. The act of bathing itself isn’t even necessary to clear your lungs. All you have to do is to stay in your bathroom while running a hot shower and inhale the steam. This remedy is best suited for a wet cough that produces phlegm or mucus. The steam hydrates your lungs and helps get rid of any phlegm stuck in them. (Related: Try these home remedies to relieve a dry cough.)


Ginger possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that can relax the membranes in your air passages and reduce coughing. It can also boost your immune system. If you have a dry or asthmatic cough, you can try drinking a soothing cup of ginger tea. Simply add 20-40 g of fresh ginger slices to a cup of hot water. After letting the ginger steep for a few minutes, drink the tea and experience its benefits.

Oregano essential oil

Since oregano oil is one of the best natural antibiotics in the world, it can be incredibly useful against bacterial infections. If your cough is caused by such an infection, you can diffuse the oil and inhale the essence. Oregano oil contains a potent compound called carvacrol which can fight off germs and bacteria. Pure oregano oil can be too strong to take orally, so instead you can choose to take oregano oil tinctures or softgel capsules. However, it would still be wise to follow this up with a probiotic supplement as an extra precaution, since the oil can affect both the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

Olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract might not be as powerful as oregano oil, but it can serve as a suitable cough treatment. One advantage olive leaf has over oregano oil is that it selectively inhibits only the bad bacteria, while having a minimal effect on your gut’s good bacteria. Plus olive leaf extract can boost both your immune system and energy levels.


According to one study, a cough syrup derived from thyme and ivy leaves was more effective than a placebo syrup in relieving cough in people with acute bronchitis. To soothe your frequent coughing, you can take thyme in the form of tinctures, supplements, and teas.


Despite its sweet and sugary taste, honey can be used to naturally suppress coughs and relieve sore throats. As a powerful antimicrobial agent, honey can fight bacterial infections, including bronchitis and other respiratory ailments. To get the full health benefits of honey, look for unprocessed organic honey that retains most of its beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

Green tea

It is important to stay hydrated when dealing with a cough. Ideally, you should drink plenty of water, but you can take green tea if you want an excellent hot beverage for cough relief. Green tea is one of the world’s healthiest drinks, and it’s loaded with nutrients, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants that can enhance your body’s natural bacteria-fighting abilities. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can add a little bit of honey to sweeten it. That way, you can experience double the health benefits at the same time.

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