Learn how to treat infections without antibiotics – using natural herbs and plants that exist all around you

Modern medicine has failed us. Instead of curing our diseases, antibiotics have given rise to a new breed of superbugs poised to wipe us out in time. While we can no longer rely on modern medicine to remedy our ills, we can still turn to ancient healing traditions. The best part is that they aren’t secret arts known only to a select few. You can learn how to save yourself with nature by watching the revolutionary film “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics.”

Created by The Grow Network founder and CEO, Marjory Wildcraft, the film will take you through thousands of years of ancestral medicine and skills utilized by our fore-bearers. Using nothing more than what was laying around them, they were able to treat nearly all of their bodily aches and pains. You can learn how to as well by registering today.

With the aid of master herbalist Doug Simons, you’ll find out all you can about managing:

  • Burns
  • Eye infections
  • Infected cuts and wounds
  • Rashes
  • Snake bites
  • Spider bites
  • Sprains
  • Staph infections

From February 20 to 22 only, “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics” will be free to watch online. Our ancestors were able to survive without making use of antibiotics. This is important knowledge that we, now more than ever, need. Click here to register today.

Reserving your seat as soon as possible will give you three practical and essential registration bonuses:

  • Garlic, Your First Home Medicine — An ebook about transforming a kitchen staple into a first aid kit essential.
  • How To Grow Garlic In Your Backyard — An informative tutorial on how to grow several varieties of garlic.
  • Free member in The Grow Network — Where you’ll find educational newsletters, inspirational changemakers, and a bustling community.

Whether you’re a prepper readying your stock of food and medicine, or someone who just wants to take better care of themselves, this is one video you definitely shouldn’t miss. The key to surviving isn’t in the sterile environments of pharmacies, it’s in the unfettered wilds of nature. It’s in honey, in prickly pears, in garlic, and so much more. Our grandparents, their grandparents, and their grandparents knew this all too well.

You will too when you register at this link.

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