Home remedies for herpes

Herpes is considered to be a controversial disease, mainly due to the nature of its transmission. There is an increasing number of patients who suffer from this disease. According to the World Health Organization, more than 3.7 billion patients suffer from oral herpes infections. A portion of these cases does not get the necessary treatments because of the fear of being judged. Fortunately, there is a number of herpes treatments that can be done from home.

Herpes, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus, can be transmitted through kissing and other forms of sexual contact. Patients with herpes often have painful and itchy blisters, which contain a clear yellowish fluid, around the oral or genital area. Healthcare professionals often prescribe antiviral medications; however, these do not completely get rid of the herpes simplex virus. This means that patients continue to suffer from recurrent infections. Because of this people are now turning to natural home remedies, which include the following:

  • Epsom salt bath — Soaking the body in an Epsom salt bath removes the toxins from the body through the pores of the skin. This also relieves the pain, inflammation, and itchiness of the blisters. Moreover, Epsom salt has other benefits, like relieving stress, promoting sleep, and increasing magnesium levels. Give this a try by adding a handful of Epsom salt to a bucket or a bathtub filled with warm water and soaking the affected areas for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Coconut oil — Applying coconut oil on the affected area effectively kills bacteria and viruses so that the blisters will heal faster. Virgin coconut oil can also be taken orally and it will exhibit the same properties.
  • Honey –– The use of honey is not just limited to culinary purposes, it can also be utilized for its therapeutic properties. Honey is widely known for its ability to kill bacteria. This can be attributed to its high acidity and the presence of hydrogen peroxide, a potent disinfectant. Moreover, honey is also great for wound healing because it can stimulate new tissues to grow and prevent scars from forming. Patients suffering from herpes can enjoy these benefits by applying honey directly on the blisters. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. Get the most out of honey by doing this process two to three times a day.
  • Apple cider vinegar — People with herpes can benefit from the astringent effects of apple cider vinegar, which include tightening and forming a protective layer over the skin. In addition, apple cider vinegar also reduces inflammation and alleviates pain. There are two ways to enjoy these benefits. Patients can choose to apply it directly to the skin or they can opt to take it internally by diluting a teaspoon of it in water and drinking this concoction twice a day.
  • Cold compress — Ice is commonly used for its ability to alleviate pain, soreness, and inflammation. This method is not limited to patients suffering from skin lesions but is also practiced by those experiencing muscle aches. Repeat this process three to four times a day to get the best results.
  • Raisins — Not all people enjoy eating raisins, but this fruit is very beneficial — not just for those with herpes. It is abundant in antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress. Furthermore, raisins are rich in vitamins B and C that support the body in its fight against the herpes simplex virus. Start the day by eating four to five raisins that have been soaked in water overnight, before eating anything else.

There is an abundance of natural herpes treatments that people can do from the comfort of their home. With these home remedies, more people can get access to the treatment they need without fearing judgment. (Related: The most promising natural treatments for herpes that may hold the key to a herpes cure.)

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